About us

About us

Company's Mission Statement:

S.E G. Inc., offers a broad range of physical security products and services. We custom design physical security systems that will meet the current requirements of all levels of government security standards. SEG Company divisions offer full spectrium of Militay and Law Enforcement products to combat the threats of criminal and foreign aggression activities. SEG's products and specialized services are designed to specific client requirements. All you have to do is contact SEG and let us put our capabilities to work for you!


Key Personnel:

Arthur C. Morgan /
Founder-CEO, SEG, Inc.- .- Mr. Morgan has over 25 years experience directly related to law enforcement, investigations and security applications, and security solutions for Physical Electronic Security, Investigation techniques, TSCM. Currently is Security Advisor to NAVSUP- US Navy Postal Operations, US Naval District Washington - Anacostia Navy Base, Washington D.C. , Private Investigator, Virginia State DCJS, Compliance Agent, Security Consultant.


Samuel Jian Chen, Ph.D /                                                                                                                                                                                                        President - Mr. Chen has over 20 years in international business and information technology.  Originally from China, Mr. Chen was educated in the United States and holds a Ph.D in Information Technology from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.  Mr. Chen specializes in international business opportunities and partnerships between Asia and the United States with a special focus on China.  Mr. Chen has an ownership stake in several Chinese companies.  Prior to joining S.E.G, Mr. Chen worked for various software and government consulting companies.  Mr. Chen brings a vast experience in international business and information technology areas.


Michael R. Janay, Lt. Col. USMC (Ret.)/       
Vice President of Government Services - Lt. Col. Janay  has a distinguished military career and served in various positions of authority; Infantry Platoon/Rifle Company Commander in Vietnam; Commanding Officer of the Marine Barracks in Naples, Italy; Liaison Officer for the U.S. Marine Corps - U.S. Army Material Command; Amphibious Operations Officer - NATO HQ in Naples, Italy. In civilian service he has served as Special Assistant for Congressional Affairs, U.S. Army Material Command. He was Adjunct Faculty member of Strayer College, Manassas, Virginia. Conducted Seminars in Marketing for graduate and undergraduate students - (1990 – 1998). Assistant Professor of Management, Florida Institute of Technology, Washington, D.C.- Taught graduate courses in Behavioral Management and Marketing - (1985 – 1988). Adjunct Faculty, University of Laverne, Naples, Italy - Taught undergraduate courses in Marketing, Management, Advertising and Sales Promotion - (1981 – 1984).  In addition he is founder and president of AFMUSA, a unique Consulting firm with over twenty five years in operation, it specializes in marketing new technology to Government Services.    


William H. Witherspoon 1st. Sergerant USMC- Ret.                                                                                                                                                                            Vice President for Business Development  -  Served 25 years with exceptional military career in the USMC. He was Senior Chief Instructor for Academics, Foreign Weapons, Naval Anti-Terrorist Programs. He has Specialization in Deadly Force, use of force and unarmed self defense tactics, to include interior guard, Explosives and contraband search techniques for facilities, personnel and vehicles. Knowledge base in communications, Surveillance Detection, Individual Protection measures, Terrorist Operations, Marksmanship skills (expert). - 5 years with Special Tactical Services LLC as Vice President and served as "Team Leader" for their Maritime Security Operations Program. Mr. Witherspoon has extensive experience in Middle East and East African Affairs. He hold a Bachelors of Science / Business Management Degree from Univ. of Phoenix, Criminal Justice Administration from Park University, and Instructional Development Design & Evaluation from Syracuse Univ.


Kenneth James Grosick Jr. Maj. USA Ret./
Business Development Adviser / Served in Vietnam in "Special Forces", 82 Airborne, 5th Special Forces Group (Green Berets) - 1st. Infantry Division, (18th Infantry), 10th Special Forces Group - JFK Center for Military Assistance (Ft. Bragg, N.C.) - Awarded "Top Secret/Crypto" Security Clearance in 1972 while serving as S-2 (Intelligence Officer) for 3rd Battalion 325th Parachute /Glider Infantry Regiment (82nd airborne Div.) - Awarded the Eastern European Area Military Occupational Speciality in 1986.  - Served 5 years with Smith & Wesson as the Chemical Products Sales Manager. Operated USCAN- Foreign Free Trade Zone , Bellingham, Wash.


David G. McCall CW2 (Ret) /
Surveillance Product Development Engineer & Tactical Training Instructor /Advisor - Served 23 years with U.S. Army Special Forces in the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th Special Forces Groups, Special Mission Advisory Group-Viet Nam , U.S. Military Training Mission-Saudi Arabia, Desert Shield-Saudi Arabia and Desert Storm-Kuwait City . Served as Special Forces "A" Detachment Commander/Technician 6 years, Team Sergeant 3 years, Intelligence Sergeant 2 years, Communications Sergeant 4 years. Served one year as OIC/Senior Instructor U.S. Army Special Operations Training Course, Night Committee, ( Mott Lake ). Responsible for Close Quarters Combat, Air Operations, Live Fire Scenarios and Command and Control Training. Senior Instructor Electronic Surveillance and Bomb Recognition. Served 2 Years as Instructor U.S.A. John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center Advanced Skills Branch, NCOIC Mountain Training U.S. Military Academy, West Point (2 years), Graduated from over 20 schools in Special Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency, Intelligence, Special Operations Tactics and Survival proficiencies.


Capt. Octavio Yepez, Ecuador Navy. Ret. /
Senior Foreign Latin Affairs Representative - Capt. Yepez was the Commandant of the Ecuadorian Marine Corp and was the Chief Instructor for the Ecuadorian Special Forces UDT training school. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy of Annapolis, Md. In addition he served as Captain of several government and privately held cargo ships. He currently holds a First Class Ecuadorian Maters License and is fluent in four Languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Capt. Yepez had extensive experience of Latin political affairs with a very solid military and maritime background.


Mr. Adam Rooselvelt - CEO of AR International consulting LLC (TSPMO)
Former DoD NATO Information Technology Advisor, Currently serves as a Project Manager (ISSO) for the DHS. Intelligence and Analysis TSPMO. Responsible for providing program management support for over 30-+ active projects. Mr. Roosevelt is a Vendor Partner and Cyber Security Service Provider offering strategic consulting services for local and federal government clients. They are a SDVOSB firm that specializes in IT Portfolio Management, Cybersecurity, Homeland Security Cyber solutions.


S.E.G. Inc. Locations  

S.E.G. Inc. (Main Office)
193 Zachary Taylor Hwy.
Mineral, Virginia 23117, USA

Tel: (703) 354-8302
Fax (703) 880-5196

SEG Licenses

Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice - DCJS- Private Security Lic. No. 11-1902

Department of Defense Commercial & Government Entity-(CAGE) Code:00GU3

Department of Defense Facility Code: 783067895

S.E.G. GSA Schedule No. GS07F-0769N

U.S. State Dept. DDTC Registration Code -Broker: K2920

U.S. State Dept. DDTC Registration Code - Manufacturer /Exporter: M11407